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The Iron Rules of NCAA realignment

1- University presidents make the decision not the Athletic Department nor the fan base 

2- No team will leave the Big 10 

3- No team will leave the Pac 10

4- No team will leave the SEC

These are the four most important rules going forward and any suggestion to the contrary is pure fantasy.  These are the unquestioned axioms to any conference expansion going forward.  There will be no crazy USC goes to the SEC or independent, the same goes with every school in these conferences.  The first rule is the most important rule so what makes “perfect logical sense” to the fan is probably anything but that.  It is important to think from the view point of the President and what makes sense for the school as a whole which includes not just football but all sports, academics, internal campus politics, boosters and alumni, state politics, campus culture, money, TV exposure, and money.  While these are the four most important Iron Rules these are not the only rules going forward and I will go in to deeper discussion in the future on some of these points.

5-  Geography is not that important

6- Any future Big 10 teams will be members of AAU or will be in the very near future and the only exception to this rule is Norte Dame

7- Any future Pac 10 team will be a tier 1 school and any single Pac 10 team can veto any future expansion